Wrong Cleaning Process Can Cause Damage

Choosing the wrong cleaning process can cause damage to your carpets or furniture.

Our slogan is Right Processes, Right Results. Everyone in our business follows this rule. If you use the wrong process you will definitely not get the best results and you could even cause damage to your carpet or upholstery.

Let’s dispel a myth. No cleaning method or process can clean, sanitise and deodorise every kind of upholstery fabric or carpet fibre. Your professional carpet and upholstery cleaner must have a range of cleaning processes, the right machinery and trained technicians to get the best possible results. There is a very long list of types of fabric, natural and synthetic fibres and natural materials like leather that our carpets and upholstery is made of.

Take leather cleaning. If a foam cleaner is used the technician won’t be able to see how the leather is responding. Leather is like our own skin; it has to be treated correctly and with care. And just like our own skin we do a patch test to make sure the cleaning solution chosen won’t damage the leather. We’ve got many years of experience, but we leave nothing to chance!

Larger companies will put rugs into an automatic machine. This can result in shrinkage, colour bleed and damage to delicate fibres especially the fringes of rugs. We clean most rugs by hand.

Dry carpet cleaning is a popular cleaning method. But is only suitable for a surface clean. It will not deeply penetrate the fibres of your carpet. It will definitely not remove ingrained dirt or stubborn stains. It doesn’t remove smells either. If your pets had an accident dry carpet cleaning will just mask the smell and spread the urine (or worse) over a larger area of the carpet. The smell will come back after a few hours.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning using the right process will get the right results. Whether you are a homeowner or a business look after your carpets and upholstery and they will look after you for a long time. Contact us for a one off clean or talk to us about our regular maintenance plans designed to save you time and money.