When Not To Use Dry Carpet Cleaning

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When not to use Dry Carpet Cleaning is something we advise on.  Dry Carpet Cleaning is not suitable for heavily soiled or stained carpets.  We wouldn’t use this cleaning method for your annual deep down cleaning.

What Dry Carpet Cleaning Is Good For & Not Good For

Carpet Cleaning Aldridge
Owing to the level of soiling and grease Dry Carpet Cleaning was not the right process to use for this job.
Carpet Cleaning Walsall
The carpet was wet cleaned and then we used the Hot Water Extraction method.
Carpet Cleaning Lichfield
Using the right cleaning process achieved the right result.

Dry Carpet Cleaning is good for is routine cleaning and we emphasise the word ‘routine‘. So every month or so depending upon the footfall on the carpet, we recommend a dry process to clean, lift the pile and leave the carpet smelling fresh. Dry Carpet Cleaning is mainly used in commercial settings which operate 24 hours a day or that need a quick turnaround. For example nursery schools, hotel foyers, pubs and clubs, nursing homes, call centres and offices. The beauty of this cleaning method is that carpets are back in service as soon as we’ve finished.

Some floor coverings that are prone to shrinking are best cleaned using this method. These could be European Wilton, some woven carpets and carpets made from wool and sisal.  Our dry carpet cleaning experts in Lichfield and surrounding areas, will always visit your premises and identify the carpet type and they will then recommend the right cleaning process for your job.

Should Not Be Used For…

Dry Carpet Cleaning should not be used for pet stains or bodily fluids such as urine and vomit.  This is because this cleaning method will just spread the stain around and will not extract these substances. The carpet will look clean and smell clean for a while. But then the smell and the stain will return. We do not recommend this method for deep cleaning a carpet that has not been professionally cleaned for a long time and we do not recommend for paint, wine or tea and coffee stains.

Our expert technicians who carry out carpet cleaning in Aldridge will always recommend the best cleaning process for your job.

The Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

Rug Cleaning Lichfield
The fabric of this rug would not have withstood a wet clean. Dry Carpet Cleaning was the right process for this job.

We vacuum the carpet. Then use a special machine to pre-clean the carpet. If this step is missed the job is not being done correctly! We then apply professional carpet cleaning powder. Microsponges are spread across the carpet and brushed into the pile. To do this we use a special machine. The machine agitates the granules into the flooring. The granules absorb the dirt. To finish off we vacuum up the granules. The carpet clean, deodorised and ready for use.

The Right Process For the Right Results

We invest in the latest equipment to carry out a wide range of cleaning processes. This is because no single cleaning method is suitable for every job. We regularly send our technicians on training courses. We want to ensure we remain the premier carpet cleaners in Aldridge and carpet cleaners in Lichfield and across the whole area.

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