Stop! Leave That Carpet Stain Alone

Leave that wine stain alone. You spill a glass of wine on the carpet, you drop nail polish or paint on your sofa and your immediate reaction is to grab a cloth and rub it with water or a household cleaner. This is the worst thing you can do.

Most modern fabrics and carpets are treated with a layer of stain protection. This is designed for the stain to rest on the top of the fabric or fibre. If you rub at it or use household cleaners, you will just rub it deeper into the fibres and run the risk of it being absorbed into the fibres.

The first thing to do is get immediate advice from us. Our mobile and office numbers are at the foot of the website. We will either get someone over to you as soon as possible or we will advise you on how best to tackle the stain.

Whether you’ve got a carpet stain or a stain on your upholstery we can help. We are Woolsafe and NCCA Approved.

Some fabrics can become stained even by water, so please don’t do anything until you have spoken to us.

We are competitively priced carpet cleaners in Aldridge. We cover the whole of the Lichfield area and further afield.

Our aim is for your carpets to last for many years. When we provide a quote, we may recommend we also treat your carpet with stain protection. (We do the same on all our upholstery cleaning jobs as well.) This isn’t so we make more money from you. Its because stain protection will also protect the fibres as your walk or sit on them day after day reducing wear and tear. Carpets and upholstery are not cheap, so by looking after them they will serve you well for many years, potentially saving you a lot of money in the long run.