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Specialist Rug Cleaning

We are specialist rug cleaning experts in Aldridge and across the wider Lichfield area.

  • We use the right processes for the right results
  • Natural fibre rugs / Synthetic fibre rugs
  • Oriental rug cleaning specialists
  • Environmentally friendly processes
  • Low cost rug care programmes to save you money

We are Woolsafe approved. With over 20 years’ experience and knowledge of rug cleaning. We are the local experts for specialist rug cleaning in Lichfield  and across Streetly and Cannock areas.

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Rug Cleaning Specialists

Our customers benefit from competitive prices and rug cleaners who have a detailed knowledge of rugs, their construction and dyes.

Rugs can be divided into two categories, natural fibre and synthetic fibre. The most common natural fibres are wool, cotton, jute, sisal and silk. Most synthetic fibre rugs are made from either nylon, olefin or polyester. All rugs are either hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand-loomed or machine-loomed.

Oriental and Persian rugs are often handmade and owing to their intricate colours and designs are considered to be valuable works of art. They need excellent care to prolong their life and beauty.

We often carry out rug cleaning on highly valuable rugs but every rug we clean is handled with the same care and attention.

Rug Cleaning Tips

The best way to keep beautiful floor coverings clean is to prevent them from getting dirty. We recommend vacuuming your rugs regularly on both sides. This will remove dirt, dust and debris.

Always get professional rug cleaning advice before attempting any type of cleaning yourself.

Have your rugs cleaned professionally on a regular basis and have stain protection applied.

Periodic deep cleaning should only be performed by professional rug cleaners like us, who use the correct cleaning methods and have the right machinery.

The Right Processes For The Right Results

Knight & Doyle are the specialists for rug cleaning in Cannock and across Lichfield. Big cleaning companies clean rugs on an industrial scale. We are a smaller company so we can pay attention to the detail of each rug. For example, we ensure fringes are specially treated.

We continually invest in training and equipment because no single cleaning process is suitable for all rug cleaning. We carry out cleaning treatments specially designed to clean natural fibre and synthetic rugs without causing colours to bleed or delicate fibres to fray.

The different types of fibres and manufacturing techniques present different cleaning challenges. We know the right processes and cleaning methods to get the best results possible.

We use a range of different cleaning processes to achieve the best rug cleaning results:

  • Dry Rug Cleaning
  • Hand Foam Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Cleaning
  • Immersion Cleaning

All of these cleaning methods, except immersion cleaning can be carried out in your home. However, we recommend that we collect your rug and clean, dry and deodorise it in our workshop. Some rugs, such as those made from wool, and some stains produce unpleasant odours which you may not wish to have in your home.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

All rugs cleaned by Knight & Doyle receive the following treatment when cleaned at our workshop:

  1. Pre-inspection and testing of the fibres
  2. Thorough vacuum with beater opening up the pile and removing soiling, dirt and debris
  3. Vibro agitation to shake out soiling from deep in the pile not removed by vacuuming
  4. Second vacuum
  5. Thorough clean with chosen rug cleaning process
  6. Inspection, spot or stain removal if required and fringe cleaned by hand if required
  7. Drying in our drying room
  8. Ozone treatment for at least 60 minutes to sanitise and remove any odours
  9. Applying stain protection if required (usually recommended)
  10. Final inspection and making ready for return to customer

Free Quotation

Contact us for a no obligation competitive quotation for rug cleaning.

We find the best approach is to visit your home and see the rug to be cleaned. We can then ascertain what kind of fibres it is made of and its construction method. We will then recommend the best cleaning process and supply a written quotation. The price we quote is the price you will pay. No hidden extra costs.

Our business ethics are very important to us. You can be assured that we will never recommend a rug cleaning process or a product that you do not need. And, if we feel that your rug doesn’t need cleaning we will tell you.

In an emergency such as spilled paint, wine or nail polish please call us immediately and do not try to clean the stain yourself. Our office and mobile phone numbers are on our contact page.

Drop Off Rug Cleaning Service

For your convenience we offer a drop off rug cleaning service. Clients can drop their rugs off at our Aldridge workshop, or we can collect rugs from your home, business, or school. Please call ahead though, to make sure there is someone at our workshop in Aldridge to take your rug.

We recommend that rugs are cleaned away from your home or premises as they can produce an odour as they dry.  Also, rugs are often used on hard floors which are sometimes not suitable for us to use our cleaning solutions on, and with the vaguaries of the weather we can’t always clean your rug outside.

For nursery school clients we collect rugs on a Friday afternoon and take them back early on Monday morning. For our hospitality business clients we offer a similar service.  We can collect or you can drop your rugs off with us and we will clean them on days you are closed and deliver them back to you.

If you would like more information on our drop off rug cleaning service in Lichield and around the Aldridge area please contact us.

Rug Cleaning Plans

If you have several rugs or Oriental or Persian rugs you could benefit from our rug cleaning plan. Regular cleaning and stain protection will keep your rugs looking beautiful for longer. This could be more cost effective than one off deep cleans.

Please talk to us about our rug cleaning maintenance plans.