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Leather Upholstery Cleaning

We are your local leather upholstery cleaning specialists in Cannock and across the wider Lichfield area.

  • We use the right processes for the right results
  • We identify the exact type of leather
  • Environmentally friendly processes
  • Low cost care programmes to save you money

With more than 20 years’ experience and knowledge of leather cleaning we have seen many pieces of beautiful leather furniture ruined by incorrect cleaning methods.

Let us make your leather sofas, leather three piece suites and leather furniture look and feel beautiful so you can put your feet up and relax on them for many years.

Leather Cleaning Specialists

We have competitive prices and you can trust us to clean and care for your leather upholstery. We are based in Aldridge but cover the whole of the Lichfield and Streetly area.

There are many types of leather, but the most important thing to remember is it’s a natural material but it is essentially a skin. It needs to be treated and looked after correctly just like your own skin or it will age badly, dry out and crack.

Leather Cleaning Tips

Regular vacuuming is all we recommend is carried out by an untrained person.

Do not use household cleaners on leather furnishings. Imagine washing your hands in a multi-surface cleaner from the supermarket. We’re sure you would not like the results. So please don’t use household cleaners on your leather furniture.

We Understand Leather Cleaning

Leather is beautiful and luxurious if it is properly looked after.

Some upholstery cleaning companies use foam to clean leather. We don’t. The foam prevents the technician from seeing what is happening to the leather. We always test the leather in an inconspicuous area and carefully clean your leather furnishings by hand.

To clean and condition your leather sofa, leather three piece suite and all leather furniture, it is essential to identify the kind of leather to be cleaned and treated. Our technicians are trained to identify the exact type of leather you have.

For example:

Nubuck leather – one of the most expensive kinds of leather. It is also the most difficult to clean. This is because it is a high quality rawhide leather with a texture similar to suede.

Aniline leather – prized for its natural look and feel. Only the very best hides are used, but it can be stained easily.

Semi-aniline leather – is treated making it more soil and stain resistant than aniline leather.

Protected or pigmented leather – the most common type of leather used for leather furniture for the home and car upholstery. It is the most durable and its surface is coated with a polymer coating that contains pigments.

Suede – is leather with the flesh side of the skin on the outside. True suede is not the same as microfibre suede, Ultrasuede or any suede with a name in front of the word suede. True suede will be damaged by any kind of cleaning unless carried out by a trained professional. We recommend gentle vacuuming between professional cleans.

The Right Processes For The Right Results

Owing to our training, investment in the right kinds of machinery and our experience Knight & Doyle are your local leather cleaning and suede cleaning specialists across the Streetly and Lichfield areas.

There is no single cleaning method that is suitable for all kinds of leather cleaning. The different types of leathers and how they have been treated during the manufacturing process needs to be identified and only the correct cleaning method used. We know the right processes and cleaning methods to get the best results possible.

Free Quotation

Contact us for a no obligation competitive quotation for leather cleaning.

Before we give you a quote, we need to know exactly the kind of leather to be cleaned and the level and type of soiling and staining. So will visit your home to examine the leather sofa, suite or chair to be cleaned. We will then recommend the appropriate cleaning method and supply a written quotation. The price we quote is the price you will pay. There will be no hidden extra costs.

We will never quote for something that you don’t need, whether that’s a product or a leather cleaning process. We always give our customers the best advice. Sometimes that’s telling them they don’t need their leather furniture cleaned right now.

In an emergency such as spilled paint, wine or nail polish please call us immediately and do not try to clean the stain yourself. Our office and mobile phone numbers are on our Contact page.

Leather Cleaning Plans

Regular cleaning will keep your leather furniture looking beautiful for longer. We can recommend a bespoke cleaning plan depending upon the type of leather. This could be more cost effective than one off deep cleans.

We offer leather treatment products for you to clean and condition your furniture between professional cleans. We will advise you how to use them.

Please talk to us about leather cleaning.