Experts Tell Public Don’t Wear Gloves

Nitrile Gloves Covid Walsall
Nitrile Gloves Covid Walsall

Experts tell public not to wear gloves for Covid-19. This advice comes from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. It is aimed at the public and workers, who prior to Covid-19 didn’t wear gloves to do their jobs.

In a technical report experts at the ECDC say there is insufficient evidence to recommend that the public should wear medical gloves or gloves for household activities. Unless they have a Covid-19 case in their household.

Experts say there is not enough evidence to recommend people wear gloves at work. Mentioning cashiers in shops, bus and taxi drivers and office workers. People shouldn’t be relying on gloves to keep themselves safe. The exception are professions who wore gloves prior to Covid-19.

Why Experts Tell Public Not To Wear Gloves For Covid-19

The biggest negative for the public wearing gloves is this can lead to neglecting hand washing. People get lulled into a false sense of security. Believing because they are wearing gloves and touch a contaminated surface they won’t pick up Covid-19. This is totally wrong.

This is the reason you need to remove your gloves and wash your hands. We quote directly from the ECDC report. “The main problem of contaminated hands or gloves is that infection occurs by inadvertently touching the nose, mouth or eyes, and contaminated gloves increase this risk because regular disinfection is often not performed after touching potentially contaminated surfaces.”

Our own experts at Knight & Doyle say. “As soon as you touch something with your hand, whether you are wearing gloves or not, your hand could be contaminated. Every time you touch a surface you need to remove gloves and wash your hands. If you want to continue wearing gloves, dispose of the gloves. Put on new gloves NOT THE OLD ONES. You would be much better off not wearing gloves at all. Instead wash your hands often with soap and water or disinfect your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Knight & Doyle Virus & Bacteria Killer is certified to eliminate Coronavirus SARS Cov2 which leads to Covid-19 in the body.

Other Downsides To Wearing Gloves For Covid-19

There are many downsides related to the unnecessary wearing gloves. For example they can cause dermatological side effects and have the potential to cause allergic reactions.

Another big downside according to the ECDC is the unnecessary use of gloves in the community by millions of people on a daily basis, this results in the generation of a massive amount of medical waste into the environment.

You might have already seen this yourself. Such as used gloves left on car parks, on pavements and generally creating potentially dangerous environmental damage. Not only because these products don’t biodegrade, but think about the Council workers and volunteer litter pickers who go and pick these potentially contaminated things up. Not to mention the harm that is caused to wildlife. Gloves and face masks should be put into a plastic bag, sealed and put into your wastebin at home.

With all of this in mind, shouldn’t we all just be more aware of what we are doing with our hands and wash them or use a sanitiser!!

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