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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning For Schools & Nurseries

Carpet and upholstery cleaning for schools and nurseries by an experienced technician you can trust.

  • We use the right processes for the right results
  • Fast drying times / environmentally friendly
  • Low cost maintenance programmes to save you money
  • Test to show bacteria present before and after the clean

Schools and nurseries have a high volume of people in close contact. Having a clean and fresh environment will protect the health and well-being of the children and staff at your school or nursery. It will also give parents peace of mind as you will be showing them that you take infection control and health seriously.

Sometimes you will need us in an emergency owing to the outbreak of an infection such as Norovirus or simply because there has been a spill or a stain that needs removing.

We have many years’ experience of carpet and upholstery cleaning in Cannock and Lichfield for schools and nurseries. We know that cleaning your rugs, carpets, floor coverings and soft furniture will extend their life. So, rather than having an annual clean we offer a maintenance programme to suit all budgets. If high use areas are sanitised on a regular basis when they do need a deep clean the time it takes is much shorter.

We also offer infection control and odour removal using ozone sanitising and fogging.

Often schools and nurseries routinely clean toys and work surfaces but neglect to properly clean carpets and upholstery. Our processes will always include cleaning, sanitising and deodorising.

For rugs we can take them away on a Friday afternoon and return them on the following Monday meaning there is no down-time for you to manage.

Case Study

We were called into a nursery school to clean a badly stained carpet. We removed all the furniture and put it back in place.

The carpet we cleaned was in a class-room. The client was very pleased with the result. You can see how the colour of this blue carpet was revived, as well as the carpet being cleaned, sanitised and deodorised.

The Right Processes For The Right Results

With over 20 years of experience we know that no one single process will be suitable for every job. We continue to invest heavily in equipment and training.  We always recommend the right process to achieve the best results.

We provide multiple cleaning processes:

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning. Carpets back in use as soon as the clean is done
  • Upholstery Dry Cleaning for delicate or non-colourfast fabrics
  • VLM Cleaning for upholstery that’s dry in minutes
  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning for stubborn stains and heavy soiling
  • Encapsulation Cleaning for heavily soiled and greasy carpets

Free Quotation

Contact us for a no obligation quotation.

We will visit you at your school or nursery and determine the best process for your job. We will then provide a written quotation with no hidden costs. What we quote is the price you will pay. This is why it is important for us to have a site visit.

We will always provide the most economical quotation and will never recommend an item or a service that you don’t need. You can trust us to give honest advice and if your carpet or upholstery doesn’t need cleaning we will tell you.

When we’ve finished your job, we will show you the results of your clean ensuring you are pleased with the results.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Plans

Downtime is always an issue for any carpet and upholstery cleaning at schools and nurseries. This is why we have created our carpet and upholstery cleaning programmes. We can ensure that chairs and carpets are clean and stain-free on an ongoing basis. We can take rugs away for cleaning over the weekend.

You can be assured your rugs, carpets, chairs and other soft furnishings are clean for the children to play on all year round. Not only after a deep clean.

Contact us for more information.