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Cleaning For Hospitality Businesses

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning For Hospitality Businesses

Carpet and upholstery cleaning for hospitality businesses.

  • We use the right processes for the right results
  • Fast drying times / environmentally friendly
  • Early morning or overnight to minimise disruption
  • Low cost maintenance programmes to save you money

In the hospitality industry your first impression can win or lose a customer. If your premises don’t look and smell good the customer might assume your hygiene practices are below par.

Our trained technicians are experienced in carpet and upholstery cleaning for all sizes of pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, hotel reception areas and function rooms in Lichfield and across the region.

We also offer infection control and odour removal using ozone sanitising and fogging.

We test to show bacteria present before and after we clean. We can supply documentation for your carpet and upholstery cleaning records, and a certificate to put on your wall stating when your pub, club or restaurant was last cleaned.

The Right Processes For The Right Results

With over 20 years’ experience of hospitality carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Aldridge and the wider area, we know that no single process can tackle every job.

In pubs, clubs and restaurants time is always short. Customers need a quick turnaround, with the minimal amount of disruption to their business. We have always invested in the training of our technicians and machinery so we can offer the right processes to get the right results.

We provide multiple cleaning processes for pubs, clubs and restaurants:

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning. Carpets back in use as soon as the clean is done
  • Upholstery Dry Cleaning for delicate or non-colourfast fabrics
  • VLM Cleaning for upholstery that’s dry in minutes
  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning for stubborn stains and heavy soiling
  • Encapsulation Cleaning for heavily soiled and greasy carpets

Free Quotation

Contact us for a no obligation quotation.

We will visit your premises, recommend the right process for your particular job and provide a written quotation. The site visit is essential to ensure we identify the types of fabric and materials for both upholstery and carpets. Our job is more a science than an art. We will also discuss any special requirements such as access to your premises.

Upon completion of the job we will show you the results of your clean and make sure you are delighted with the results.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Plans

The best way to always get a great job and a fast turnaround is to have a rolling carpet and upholstery cleaning programme in place. We ensure that chairs and carpets are clean and stain-free on an ongoing basis. Or opt for a clean every 4 to 6 months rather than wait until you have a problem and need a deep clean.

Example. On a rolling programme in 3 hours we could clean 100 chairs. If these chairs are only cleaned every 12 months to remove the stains and deep clean would take 2 days adding cost and disruption to your business. Also, you would have the added benefit of stain-free clean chairs all year round.

Contact us for more information.