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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning For Offices

Carpet and upholstery cleaning for offices in Cannock and throughout the area.

  • We use the right processes for the right results
  • Fast drying times / environmentally friendly
  • Test to show bacteria present before and after the clean
  • Low cost maintenance programmes to save you money

As an employer you have a duty of care to ensure your staff sit on clean seats and work in offices where the carpets are reasonably clean. The most badly affected areas for soiling, staining and odours are high traffic areas like reception areas and corridors to and from the warehouse, workshop or shop floor. However, contaminated surfaces other than carpets and upholstery can have a massive effect on the health, well-being and productivity of staff.

Case Study

There was an office of 15 people who were constantly getting colds and flu. They thought they were suffering from “sick building syndrome”. The door handle to the toilet was coated in an invisible substance. A day or two later black light was shone around the office. Evidence of transference from the toilet door was all over the office.

On a daily basis the staff wiped their own phones and desks and they stopped eating at their desks. They did the same test sometime later and the transference was 80% lower.

The Right Processes For The Right Results

We are carpet and upholstery cleaners in Aldridge and Lichfield serving the wider local business community. In addition, we also provide infection control and odour removal services and a range of sanitising products that tackle the spread of viruses and bacteria that cause infections.

Because we are trained in infection control, we can advise on how to keep your office clean, sanitised and smelling fresh all the time. Not just after you have had your office carpet and upholstery cleaned.

With over 20 years of experience and investment in training and equipment we can assure you that no one single cleaning method will be suitable for every job. Our wide range of services means we always recommend the right process to achieve the best results for each and every job.

We provide multiple cleaning processes, infection control and odour removal:

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning. Carpets back in use as soon as the clean is done
  • Upholstery Dry Cleaning for delicate or non-colourfast fabrics
  • VLM Cleaning for upholstery that’s dry in minutes
  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning for stubborn stains and heavy soiling
  • Encapsulation Cleaning for heavily soiled and greasy carpets

Free Quotation

Contact us for a no obligation competitive quotation.

A site visit is essential for us to recommend the best processes for your job. You will receive a written quotation with no hidden costs.

When we’ve finished your job, we will show you the results and ensure you are pleased with the results of your carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Office Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Plans

We offer rolling office carpet and upholstery cleaning plans tailored to your needs and budget. This will reduce the need for annual deep cleans, which will save time and money. You will also have a healthier office all year round, with possibly less time lost owing to sickness.

We recommend a personal office cleaning routine for all your staff to sanitise their own desk, keyboard and phone at the start of every day. Our Knight & Doyle Hand Sanitiser & Multi Surface Cleaner is certified to eliminate Coronavirus Sars-Cov2 which leads to the illness Covid-19 and gives lasting protection for up to 8 hours.

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