Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Success Stories – Before and After Pics


We often speak with potential customers who ask for our carpet cleaning and upholstery success stories. Therefore, we’ve put together a blog with our favourites, can you relate to any?

Carpet Cleaning Success Stories

Bedroom Bloodstain

Our next carpet cleaning success story is when we attended an emergency call out in Tipton for a repeat customer.

An Elderly lady had slipped and fallen resulting in a gash to her head which then left a trail of blood throughout her bedroom and landing carpet.

Thankfully, the customer was ok but the carpet had many blood marks.

As they were a previous customer, they knew the importance of not trying to treat the stain with any over-the-counter products and instead left it for our professional support experts.

To remove the bloodstain we used a solution called enz-all. We mixed it with near-boiling water, but the solution cannot be used until it is cold as this will optimise the breaking down of the blood. Then we applied enz-all and let it set into the carpets. Enz all is also used to sanitise the carpets.

Combined with hot water extraction, we managed to get every last drop of blood on the carpet.

AS an extra, we also helped clean door handles and skirting boards with marks to go the extra mile and provide top-quality customer care.

After the extraction was complete, we sanitised the area again with a product called envirosafe to remove any biohazards. The customer was astonished at how we managed to get every part and was thankful for the additional cleaning we did. We’re glad she’s safe and made a full recovery.






Upholstery Cleaning Success Stories

Bar 55

We successfully completed a chair upholstery clean for Bar 55 in Lichfield. The owner thought the chairs were so far gone that they’d be ready for the tip. However, they thought they’d give Knight and Doyle a try to see what they could do.

3 members of our team spent 3 hours using our specialist equipment to restore the chairs. Working closely with the customer we arranged to come into the bar before it was open to the public, making sure it didn’t affect their business.

The chairs came out to such a high standard they looked brand new, they definitely will be keeping them. They said how amazing they looked and thanked us for arriving on time to not affect their business.




Dog Grease

Our next We attended a house in Great Barr that had the cutest Spaniel, however, it left a lot of dirt and grease on the furniture, particularly on the sides of the main sofa. One of our experts assessed the situation and provided a quote. As we’d been round previously for the quote our experts already knew which specialist solution they needed to use. In this case, it was the ‘heavy-duty’ one. After scrubbing, most of the dirt started to shift but was still prevalent in some areas. Therefore we deployed our hot water extraction equipment to get the deeply embedded dirt behind the surface layer.

The results left the sofa a completely different shade. The customer joked they had forgotten the original colour of the sofa and were over the moon with the results.






Ink Removal (Pesky Grandkids)

We Attended property in Streetly to work on a big job which included sofas, 5 armchairs and 3 carpets. During the cleaning of an old antique chair, we flipped a cushion to find multiple ink stains. It turns out grandkids had drawn on the cushion and then flipped it over to avoid getting caught, the customer hadn’t realised until we started cleaning.

To treat this we covered the whole side in ink remover. This was soaked into the cushion to bring the ink to the surface. Then we used hot water extraction. Repeated this 3 times to make sure it was removed. We would repeat as many times as necessary to get out the ink. We’re pleased to note all ink was removed successfully. The customer was delighted with our service and our expert knowledge.







Here are just a few of our carpet and upholstery cleaning success stories. If you would like to see more, check out our Instagram: knightanddoyle

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