Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Cannock

Stain on sofa

Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Cannock is best left to the experts. Many times we have been called upon to put right mistakes made by clients or unqualified carpet and upholstery cleaners in Cannock.

The most common mistake clients make is trying to remove a stain from carpets or upholstery with household cleaning products.  For example washing up liquid, or multi-purpose stain remover.

First and foremost, never try to remove stains with washing up liquid. This is a detergent designed to get the grease off plates and cooking pots. It is sticky to attract grease and remove it from your plates by holding it in the washing up water.

If you use washing up liquid on your carpet or furniture it will leave a sticky residue. Attempting to wash the detergent out could cause the carpet or fabric to become saturated with water. Believe it or not water can cause damage.

The worst thing we can hear is “I tried to get the stain out myself with a stain remover from the supermarket”. This is because all carpets and fabrics are made from different materials, the backing and the upholstery filling are also made from different materials. That is a lot of variables, and a multi-purpose stain remover is likely to make the stain worse. This is because different kinds of fibre need treating in different ways, and some fabrics are pH sensitive. So, you could put a chemical onto the fabric and it turns a totally different colour.

Expert Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Cannock

When you need professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Cannock you should call the experts first. We will advise you on how to treat the stain, and our advice is free of charge. We recommend blotting what has been spilt, never scrubbing, with a white cloth.  This is because you are likely to rub the substance into the fibres and make it almost impossible for us to remove. We are fully insured and Woolsafe approved.

For anyone seeking a quote for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Cannock please contact us.

Our technicians are highly trained. We invest in the best equipment and always ensure our prices are competitive.

Our clients include private homeowners, offices, restaurants and schools.  We also work outside of normal hours to suit your business or to work around carers or your working hours.