Black Lines On Carpets & How To Remove Them

Carpet Cleaning Lichfield
Carpet Cleaning Lichfield

Black lines on carpets especially around skirting boards, radiator pipes and where floorboards meet is very common. Unfortunately, no amount of normal household vacuuming will get rid of them. But we will clean them and prevent them coming back.

The black lines on carpets are something we are regularly asked about when we go to give a client a quote.  The technical name is “Soil Filtration Lines”. They are also known as “Venting Marks” or “Draught Marks”. Over time these dark soiled areas gradually become more noticeable on your carpet.

They are most commonly found around the edge of  rooms and beneath doors. Airing cupboard doors, patio doors and around hot air floor heating vents. We see these marks in clusters or spots around the edge of carpets where the fitter has penetrated the back of the carpet leaving small holes in the backing of the carpet. In extreme cases black lines form where floorboards meet. We’ve also seen black lines where central heating pipes have been laid.

No Amount Of Vacuuming Will Stop Black Lines On Carpets

Black lines are caused by air moving through wall cavities, under the gaps between floorboards and skirting or through heating or air vents.  In severe cases we’ve seen black lines extend more than 2 inches from skirting boards and around central heating pipes where they come up from the floor to a radiator.

Black lines are caused when gripper rods are not fitted flush to the wall. The carpet acts like a filter. Filtering out microscopic particles that flow under the floor and out through the gap between the skirting boards.

Getting Rid Of Black Lines On Carpets

A household vacuum cleaner will not be able to remove black lines. The soiling can be greasy and require special attention to get a satisfactory result as even with specialist cleaning they cannot always be eradicated completely.

How much soil can be removed depends on the amount and length of time it has accumulated. The amount of airflow, the colour of the carpet and type of fibre.

Stopping Black Lines On Carpets

After cleaning the carpet we apply flexible silicone sealer into the gap between floorboards and the skirting.  Then we refit the carpet.

Before fitting a carpet we recommend you apply flexible silicone sealer.  For floorboards with wide gaps, line the floor with plain wallpaper lining and tape the edges together before the carpet is fitted.

Right Processes Right Results

We have been cleaning carpets for over 20 years. Our technicians come across this problem at least once a week. We know the solutions and systems that work best on different types of carpet fibres. Even in the worst cases we can usually remove black lines to an acceptable level and stop any further damage.

Once again only a deep understanding of carpet cleaning, acquired over many years gives us the know-how to tackle difficult jobs. Very often we save the client the cost and inconvenience of fitting a new carpet.

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